Tips for Interacting with Filipino Nannies

Filipino nannies and babysitters are in huge demand in Canada because of their dedicated work ethic, strong loyalty to their employer families and their experience in the field of caregiving. With such a high demand for quality Filipino nannies and babysitters, it is not surprising that it is becoming increasingly hard to find ones who are available for work in Canada.

That’s where Filipino Nanny comes in; we connect employers with Filipino nannies who are highly qualified, educated, and experienced with children. Many of the Filipino nannies we connect also have nursing qualifications and First Aid knowledge.

But we take it one step further. We not only help you, the employer, find quality Filipino nannies and babysitters, but we give you the tools you need to have a good working relationship with them. Below are some important tips for interacting with a nanny or babysitter from the Phillippines.

Filipino Work Ethic
Filipino workers aim to please and to follow their employers' instructions. That is why they may be hesitant to tell you if something has gone wrong, such as if your child fell and scraped his knee, or threw his dinner on the floor. You should encourage your Filipino nanny to be open with you about everything that happens, and assure her that she will not be punished for things that are out of her control. (For things that are her responsibility, such as proper bedtimes, harsh discipline, etc., you can obviously hold her accountable. For example, hitting a child is a serious offense.)

Family Loyalty
The best way to ensure that your children get the best care from your Filipino nanny or babysitter is to make sure that they feel like part of the family. Filipinos have total loyalty to their families, so if your caregiver feels that she is part of yours, she will treat your children with natural care and love. Examples of how show your nanny that she is part of the family are to make sure she has eaten dinner every night, or to bring her back a small gift if you’ve gone on a trip. These things show that you care about your Filipino nanny, and she will respond in kind.