Filipino Values and Culture

Filipino values are what make Filipinos such wonderful caregivers. One of the central values in Filipino culture is that of family, which is why many Filipinos seek work as nannies in Canada - in order to earn money to send back to their families. But not only do they love their natural families above all else; they apply the love of family to the families that they choose to work for as well. That means that you can expect a Filipino nanny to show your children lots of love.

Still, it is important to understand as much as you can about the Filipino culture before hiring a Filipino nanny. Not only will it enrich your relationship, but it can make working together go more easily and smoothly. Below are some of the cornerstones of the Filipino value system and culture which can help you once you've hired your Filipino nanny.


“Utang na loob” is a Filipino cultural trait that recognizes the need to appreciate what others have done for you. Family obviously comes first, as a person’s parents are the ones who give life, and then care for you as a child. This trait also means that if someone does a Filipino a favor, he is expected to reciprocate.


“Hiya” is sometimes translated as shame, but a better understanding would be a sense of propriety. Filipinos believe that they must live up to accepted standards of behavior in order to win the respect of their community. This value often means that Filipinos act politely and strive not to cause one another embarrassment.


“Kapwa,” togetherness, is at the core of Filipino culture; it refers to community and not doing things alone. Smooth Interpersonal Relationships, or “Pakikisama,” are related to this because the goal is getting along with others to preserve a harmonious relationship. In a nanny, this can be a great attribute, as it means that she won’t do anything outlandish, or anything that would win your disapproval.

Ready, Set, Hire!

Now that you understand a bit more about Filipino culture and values, you will hopefully be a better judge at choosing your Filipino nanny, and will also have the psychological tools to understand what may be behind her behavior in any given situation.