Filipino Nanny - Find Filipino Nannies and Caregivers in Canada

Filipino Nanny is an easy to use and very informative place for Philippine nannies and, caregivers to find jobs, and an equally strong tool for potential employers to find help for their families. Many people believe that nannies and caregivers from Philippines are very special!  And at "Filipino Nanny" we believe that too! These wonderful nannies are dedicated, nurturing and patient, treating their wards as they would their own children. They teach them to be respectful to their parents and not to talk back with an attitude!
This wonderful site, "Filipino Nanny" specializes in locating and listing nannies specifically from Philippines, even those Filipino nannies already in Canada and looking for their next nanny job. Over the years, nannies and caregivers from the Philippines have developed a reputation for kindness, commitment and trustworthiness, at the same time, Canada has become a preferred destination for Philippine nannies! 

This online service provides nannies and caregivers the opportunity to list information about themselves, their abilities as a nanny and their experience along with references. Nannies /caregivers can even download a picture of themselves with an email address or phone number for contact. As a nanny looking for a job, they can specify a preference regarding the city that they would like to work in whether it is Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver, as "Filipino Nanny" has contacts throughout Canada!

This site also allows potential employer/families to search for their ideal caregiver, whether it is a nanny, babysitter or elder caregiver. Families can narrow their search by finding those Philippine nannies that have the qualifications that they specifically require along with where they live as a basic search requirement. For instance if they are looking in the city of Toronto or the suburbs which is often referred to as the GTA there are so many areas such as Woodbridge, Brampton, Sutton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Burlington, Hamilton or Richmond Hill and so many more to choose from.  By using "Filipino Nanny" a potential employer can list specific and important points that may interest or deter some Filipino nanny caregivers from contacting. For example, families can list the number of children, description of accommodation, whether this is a single parent family or if the family is looking for a nanny that is willing to travel.    A search can be done by experience, qualifications, desired location and any special training or certifications, just as a nanny can do a search based on her desires.

Through this site,  filipino live in nannies and caregivers can see which other nannies are looking for nanny jobs in their area, and which families are looking for caregivers. This is a great opportunity for nannies to refer their friends or other families through the "Filipino Nanny" site.

Selecting a city to live in Canada can appear to be a difficult task, but "Filipino Nanny" has families from all over the country hoping to find a nanny to help in their home. Even though the immense size of Canada and the very different life styles in cities and towns may seem daunting there are families all over Canada looking for filipino nannies, and so many of them are listed on "Filipino Nanny". Here is a partial list of the cities and towns that presently have families looking for a Philippine nanny; Toronto, Mississauga, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, North York, Scarborough, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria